Sunday, July 13, 2014

Is Strength Training For Children safe!

I've heard that strength training is bad for children. Is this true?
As soon as upon a time this could have held true but there are many studies that really state the reverse. Strength training programs that are monitored, safe and age-appropriate can be vital.

First off it is extremely important to comprehend the difference between strength training, weightlifting, bodybuilding and power lifting.

Strength training, when done correctly, includes a very carefully made program of workouts to enhance muscle strength and stamina.

Weightlifting, bodybuilding and power lifting normally include some kind of competitors with heavy weights and larger muscles. This can in fact put too much stress on muscles and development plates leading to more lasting damage.

It is about teaching teens body awareness. This consists of proper posture, body positioning, body self-confidence and making them feel strong from the in out.

Strength training not only uses weights, it can include a mix of exercising weights, selectorized devices, resistance bands and individual body weight.

That is where strength training can be a great way to get kids into a physical fitness regimen. With strength training, children can obtain confidence fairly swiftly along with a myriad of health advantages. As Arianna Neikrug, a 15 year old lady who goes to Hamilton High School states "strength training alleviates mental tension and pain.

Advantages consist of muscle strength and stamina, injury avoidance, enhanced efficiency and body mechanics, stronger bones, lower cholesterol and, most significantly, fitness habits that will last a lifetime. "Strength training makes me feel great since then I know that I am getting stronger for many various activities. I do it to obtain in much better shape and for enjoyable" says Lucas Snyder, an 8th grader at Lincoln Middle School.

It is so crucial, nevertheless, to have a trainer deal with your teenager to create a program that works for him/her and see to it that the workouts are being performed properly. It is not a one size fits all formula. Benefits are best achieved when strength training is included into fitness regular 2-3 times per week.

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