Sunday, July 13, 2014

The best ways to Train Kids About Generosity and Take care of Others

Kindness is a really unusual virtue today in the 21st century. The root of this problem is in the family and starts with kids training which is often defective as children graduate to adulthood. Incidentally, it is the act/art of sharing that makes the world meaningful and worth living in.

From Europe, to America, to Asia, to Africa and all over the world, no society is immune against lack of kindness. It is therefore crucial to work on the future generation with the children to begin to embrace the virtue of kindness given that today generation appears to have relegated kindness and concepts of sharing to the background. Children are usually oriented towards sharing. Although unaware, they may show selfishness by not easily offering their toys and sweets to uncles, sis and others even in plays. However, well socialized and conditioned, children are more disposed to sharing and generosity. This is prior to they get out of home to imbibe selfishness in the larger society currently re-created by adults pressed by survival difficulties. It is very important to train the children in kindness to assist humankind, to conserve today and maintain tomorrow to guarantee sustainable development. Your kids/our children are our hopes. Let us train them to be generous. The following are some ways children could be trained in generosity.

1. Tell them (children) stories that teach generosity. The stories have to reveal punishments for selfishness and benefits and reinforcement for kindness.

2. Urge children to share their toys, food, bicycles and other things they cherish with others. The others could be other siblings, next-door neighbors or school mates.

3. Parents and grownups have to demonstrate generosity to others in the presence of children. Kids design their parents and other substantial grownups. Children copy grownups specifically parents and showing examples of generosity in actions and relationships with others is the very best method to teach kids to be charitable and look after others.

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